Have you muttered a similar phrase at the start of each year for the last decade or so? Do you start out each year with good intentions, only to lose motivation somewhere around the end of February? If so, you are not alone.

teddy bear sitting at disorganized desk with a snack

I am no minimalist, but I do go through regular purging cycles so my clutter is kept somewhat under control. Sometimes though our clutter catches up with us & we need to go through one major overhaul to get our living spaces back under control.

Time to get motivated and do a major declutter project!

A favorite way of many home cleaning experts is to tackle a little bit at a time, so here is our challenge to you:

Remove at least 1 clutter item a day. That is 365 items that will be cleaned up by the end of the year. What do you think, can you do it?

We here at the single saver, we promise to do it with you and purge one item a day for the next year.

Here are the rules:

  1. Declutter at least 365 items from your home.
  2. Items may be donated, sold, or given away to count towards the 366 item total.
  3. Trash does not count towards the 365 item total… but you are encouraged to get rid of it, too!
  4. Items don’t count towards the 365 total until they actually leave your house… we all know how easy it is to set aside something to sell or donate, only to forget about it and have it contribute to clutter in another room of the house.

Our goal is to get rid of clutter, not just move it around.

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