Declutter Challenge

This will be the year I rid clutter from my life!

Have you muttered a similar phrase at the start of each year for the last decade or so?  Do you start out each year with good intentions, only to lose motivation somewhere around the end of February?  If so, you are not alone. 

I am no minimalist, but I do go through regular purging cycles so my clutter is kept somewhat under control.  However, 2011 proved to be such a chaotic year for me that things are piling up again.  Time to get motivated and do a major declutter project!

Starting in January I will be updating you on my progress every week on my blog, The Single Saver.  I will be tracking the number of items I declutter from my home, and I will also be keeping track of the money I earn when I sell an item in this challenge.

I will purge at least 366 items of clutter from my life in 2012 (366 items because 2012 is a leap year with 366 days - so I will be aiming for an average of one item per day)!  My motivation to keep going will be my accountability to you, my blog readers.  And I am asking you to join me.  Are you in?

The rules are simple:
1.) Declutter 366 (or more) items from your home.
2.) Items may be donated, sold, or given away to count towards the 366 item total.
3.) Trash does not count towards the 366 item total... but you are encouraged to get rid of it, too! 
4.) Items don't count towards the 366 total until they actually leave your house... we all know how easy it is to set aside something to sell or donate, only to forget it about it and have it contribute to clutter in anther room of the house.  Our goal is to get rid of clutter, not just move it around.  :)
5.) Tell me you are participating in the Challenge and I will add your name to the official list of challengers, below!

Comment below and let me know you are participating and I will add your name to the list.  Bloggers, if you write about joining this challenge I will include a link to your post.  Just include the url of the post where you announce you are joining the challenge and your name/blog name in a comment on this page and I will add your link in the participant list.  We will be in this challenge TOGETHER!  Below are two badges you can use if you wish!

The following people have joined the Declutter Challenge: 


Little House said...

That's a great goal. We've kept our house pretty clutter-free. We move about every 5 years and each time, we purge the items we no longer need by selling them or recycling them. It's a great feeling to not have a bunch of junk taking up storage space.

the frugallery said...

I've been selling things off the last few months, trying to declutter and minimize my house. For each new thing that comes into the house at christmas I try to get rid of at least one thing. It helps me from getting overwhelmed with things I don't need!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

We got rid of a ton of stuff last year when we downsized. I'm sure when we move again this year, we'll also get rid of a ton of stuff.

Andrea said...

I just got rid of about 20pieces of clothing that I just didn't need (some of it ended up trash, some of it donated) great challenge!

Niki said...

It's a great goal for the year. I got rid of a lot of stuff this year and I think we will be getting rid of quite a bit more at some point because we are moving next year. Good luck getting rid of your stuff.

Thrifty Mom In Boise said...

Great idea! Count me in!!

John@MoneyPrinciple said...

That's a great idea - we'll take it up!

Doctor Stock said...

Hmm... while I think there is no hope for me, sure, count me in! This is a worthwhile cause.

Lisa said...

This sounds like a great challenge, and it would certainly motivate me to get rid of some unneeded stuff. If things settle down with my parents... I might be able to join in.

Rebecca Cartee said...

Count me in


Penny said...

Wow, I really need to do this. Count me in! I'll be posting about it later in the week and then I'll have to get a game plan in place. My apartment is a disaster and we have more stuff than we can fit in any reasonable way.

Marissa said...

Did a post on it already! So excited for this.

Julie @ Creating This Life said...

This is an awesome idea. I have a spare closet right now that looks like a scene from Hoarders.

Penny Pinching Professional said...

I've joined your challenge! I have a post up on my blog about it today.

Mama Squirrel said...

I think I'll sign up too. My post is here: .

Barefoot Mahala said...

oh, I am so joining this challenge. My mother would be proud of me! I've blogged about it, but to keep up with another challenge, the post won't go live until 2 January.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would like to join this challenge. Wish I could get my mother to join but I realize we can only change ourselves.

Barb, sfo said...

I'm in! I need to get a lot of stuff out of here, that's for sure!

Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer said...

I'm definitely in! I seem to need to do this every couple of years.

Granny Lyn said...

I really do need to join this challenge :) I do seem to collect clutter (I suppose that comes from a 30 year career as a primary school teacher!!!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

i will be joining you please. Loads to go from here. I will post about it tomorrow after uploading some photos of my clutter!

Financial Samurai said...

Fantastic Challenge! I'm tapped out for now as I went crazy in 2011 and donated 25 bags or so worth of stuff throughout the year. I could probably get rid of 50 more though, but not 366!


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I am in, I have committed in print!


Serena said...

I literally JUST stumbled upon this post, and I think this challenge rocks! I love the idea of getting rid of stuff. Add me to the challenge! :)

The Single Saver said...

Welcome to all the new challengers! Remember, we are all in this together... have fun with it and find lots of stuff to give to charity or sell to better your finances.

Sam, I'd love to have you join the challenge anyway... you can make up your own rules if you can't hit the 366. The main goal is to have fun and to help others donating or selling what you don't need. I'm certainly impressed to hear about your efforts last year.

Chris K. said...

I'm in! Here's my intro post on it:

Lamb said...

OooooooOOOOooh! I am soooo in! Wonderful idea! Just posted about it and will add the badge later today!

Forest Parks said...

I don't even think I own 366 items, I already did a pretty decent job of living on less :).... I travel with one suitcase and a backpack and it does start to get extreme as I am still wondering what to get rid of!

I have a post (not one linking yours) that goes through my steps for simplifying all aspects of life that you may find interesting -

Good luck!

Will share this post via social media, good luck!

Nicole said...

Found you through Frippery Farms. What a great idea, I'm in and I am press-ganging for the cause :D

Mama Squirrel said...

That's actually "Dewey's Treehouse," not "Dewey's Clubhouse." But after thinking it over, we have decided not to participate--not because decluttering isn't a good thing, but because we already did quite a bit and it's just not where we're at right now. Thanks though!

HossBoss said...

I found you by way of Lamb at Frippery Farm. I'm definitely in ...this is a great idea!

I posted about the challenge on my blog

granny c said...

Yes, add me. I am up for this.

Ms. Nose-in-book said...

My original goal was 80 things... but I'm tired of paying for storage and we might be moving upstairs to a larger apartment. So if I amp up my decluttering, it'll save us money and make things looks nicer. Please add me!

Beth G. said...

I am late to the game but I am in!

Mel W said...

I'm a little late but want to join this challenge! Please add me!

Miss Mini said...

I'm in!

Heidi said...

I don't even know where to begin!!!

karthik said...

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Removal company Maida vale said...

Thank you so much for the decluttering tips. I am a fairly organized person but am also a person who likes to hold onto more than I really need.

Daisy said...

Great challenge! I'll try to do it!

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