Did you go Black Friday shopping?

It is Black Friday night.  Our bellies are full from our Thanksgiving feasts, and no we focus our attention towards Christmas and the holiday shopping season.  And of course "Black Friday" is the starting point for the holiday shopping season!  How many of you went shopping today?  And if you went shopping, did you buy anything or find any awesome deals?

I never go shopping on Black Friday (the traditional day of shopping chaos the day after Thanksgiving, for all my non-American readers).  I don't like crowds.  I don't like spending money.  And I don't like getting up early.  So nope, Black Friday isn't really my cup of tea. 

But........ I made an exception this year.  Home Depot had garage door openers on sale for $97 and I needed four for one of my rental buildings, so I went out and bought them.  But that was for business, not pleasure, so I am giving myself a pass.  (Incidentally, Home Depot is not on my boycott list as they were closed on Thanksgiving.) 

I have a friend who make Black Friday shopping a true sport.  She has lists of the best deals at each store, getting the lowest prices possible on all sorts of items from purses to smart phones to TVs.  She gets up early and takes her shopping very seriously.  Do NOT get in her way, as she is focused and determined to get every deal she can!

So what kind of Black Friday shopper are you?  Non-existent (like me), a mega-shopper (like my friend), or somewhere in the middle?  Oh, and as I type this the Black Friday deals keep coming... one big box electronic store (which shall remain nameless) is offering special sales from 10pm until midnight.  Will you be there? 


Karl @ Cello Time said...

I have to admit that I did go out on Friday night. I was after a laptop for my wife, and Office Depot had a good deal on one. If I was watching Amazon like a hawk, I could have gotten a very similar deal. But all it took was 20 minutes of driving (total) and about 2 in the store. It was super easy. No one else was out. And all our guests had already left, so I didn't miss anything.

Ramzan Ali said...

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