70 Things That Can and Will Go Wrong In A Disaster

This article is part two in my prepping series.  You can read part one here: Important Documents - Are You Prepared?

So often when I mention being "prepared" to friends or family their eyes glaze over.  Thanks to shows like Doomsday Preppers, most folks associate prepping as something only loony people do - people who fear a government shutdown, world-wide plague, or zombie attack!    But the fact remains, that it is the little everyday disasters that we ought to all be concerned about.  Things like tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes can literally shut down a town for days or weeks.  If this happen near you, would you be prepared?

I recently came across a very well written article (originally written by a police officer) that lists out 70 things that can (and will) go wrong in a disaster.  It was eye opening.  

Please take a moment to read the article, and then think about what you would do if thrown into any of the situations mentioned in the article.

Are you prepared?


Jeremy Norton said...

Everyday is a mystery for us. We don't know what lies ahead of us so being prepared is the most appropriate thing to do than just being sorry in the end.

thrifty prepper said...

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