Another Way To Loose Weight For Free

Last month I wrote about 6 ways you can loose weight for free.  I've been utilizing these techniques myself, in my attempt to lose 19 pounds in 2013.  So far I am hovering between 4-5 pounds lost, and am really hoping I can push it up to at least 5 pounds in the next couple days.

My exercise routine has consisted of my doing an average of 30 minutes a day on my Wii Fit Plus.  Of course, if you don't have a Wii or Wii Fit this wouldn't be free for you, but as I already had both of these items it was silly not to utilize them.  The Wii Fit was great for getting my stamina up.  I started out barely able to jog for 10 minutes, and now I can do 30 minutes of activity without much difficulty.

The first few pounds came off quickly, but now I feel like I have stalled.  Now I realize that is normal, plus it is healthy to lose weight gradually as opposed to in large amounts all at once.  But it is still frustrating.

Not wanting to get bored with my workout routine, and knowing I needed to step-up the intensity a little to keep dropping the pounds, I went to the 'net in search of options.  I had some limitations.  1.) I didn't want to spend any money (I am cheap, remember?), 2.) My coordination isn't the best, nor is my upper body strength, so the exercises couldn't involve having to get in odd positions or pushing/pulling myself up, 3.) I live in Ohio and it is winter (i.e., cold) so any exercise had to take place indoors.

Here's what I found... work out videos on You Tube!  Specifically, this 'Walk Away The Pounds' workout by Leslie Sansome.

This is a good 30 minute workout, which is said to equal walking two miles.  She also has a 1 mile and a 3 mile version, plus there are a multitude of other Walk Away The Pounds videos posted, too.  I like the Walk Away The Pounds workout because you get a GREAT aerobic workout that isn't too strenuous on your joints or muscles.  But trust me, you will be sweating before it is over!

With You Tube, I can just hook my laptop up to my TV and I suddenly have thousands of free workout videos at my fingertips.  No need to buy dozens DVDs or pay for an expensive trainer!  You can find any video that matches your interests and fitness abilities.  

Don't you just love technology?  How have you used the internet to meet your weight loss goals?


Anonymous said...

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Amy @ JobCred CV Builder said...

Great tips. I always prefer Wii sports over fit but now I am beginning to appreciate its relevant purpose. Money-saving weight loss menus are also interesting to learn aside from exercise routines.

Julie @ Freedom 48 said...

I need to bust out the Wii fit one of these days. Sadly, we got it as a joint Christmas present a few years ago... and haven't touched it in over a year. It's embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

I discovered the walk away the pounds videos about a month ago and have walked over 60 miles in that time. With the cold and snow of ND it is nice to be able to do it at home.

Fred said...

The best indoor workout I found was P90x worked wonders for me!

Sarah Park said...

This is another way to exercise and sweat it out without having to pay a single penny. Thanks a lot for this.

Jules@Faithful With a Few said...

I love youtube for workouts and comcast on demand. There are so many different kinds of workouts and you can find exactly what u want for free! Great tips!

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