Starting a new clothing challenge...

Today I embark on a challenge I just made up for myself: 45 days with 45 items of clothing,

Let me explain.  After a laundry-related nervous breakdown this weekend, I decided to try something new in an attempt to simplify my life.  So for the next 45 days (today through October 31) I will be limiting myself to wearing only 45 items of clothing.  

What promoted this?  While I do laundry on a weekly basis (that's good!), I have a really bad habit of leaving it in the laundry baskets for long periods of time (that's bad!).  Despite getting rid of nearly a third of the contents of my closet earlier this year, I still have a large amount of clothing which gives me an "easy out" for not putting away my clean clothes.  With so much to choose from, I can be lazy.  And then the laundry baskets filled with clean clothes pile up.  This results in a.) my wearing things I may not fully love out of necessity when what I want to wear is in the bottom of a clothes basket and now very wrinkled, b.) having to waste hours putting clothes away when the piles of laundry baskets finally push me over the edge.  This is what happened this weekend.  So once I put everything away I took inventory and selected 45 items that I will be wearing during the next month and a half.  At the very least, living with the smaller stash of clothing will force me to actually put away the clothes after I wash them!  :)

What's included?  I will publish a full list of my 45 items later this week.  But for now I will say the list includes everything I need for work and for play/relaxing.  It does NOT include underwear, socks, jewelry or accessories, coats, or snow boots (hey, this is Ohio so you never know when the "S" word will come our way).  It does include shoes, pants, skirts, sweaters, tops, and a nightshirt.

Why did you choose 45 items instead of a smaller number?  I was inspired by Project 333 for this challenge.  But that project seemed a little too limiting for me (33 items - including accessories - for 3 months). I thought half that time and a slightly higher clothing count (45 items for 45 days seemed clever enough) would work.  My goal wasn't to turn into a minimalist.  My goal was to simplify my life.

I'll keep you posted over the next month and a half as to how things are going.  And watch later this week for the list of the 45 clothing items I will be wearing for the next 45 days!

Do you want to join me in this challenge?  Have you ever done anything similar?  And if so, what tips do you have for not getting bored with your choices?


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