When Should I Plant Seeds?

Sprout Robot tells you when you should plant seeds!

Our mild winter this year has given me spring fever a little earlier than normal.  Gardening is already on my mind and I am just itching to get out and start working on my garden.  But I am always baffled about planting schedules.  When should I start planting my seeds?  It seems I always start either too early or too late.  And I never know what seeds I should start indoors, and what seeds I should sow directly into the ground outside.  Well, now I have a solution....

Here is a super cool website (thanks to "Adventures of a Thrifty Mama" for the link): Sprout Robot.  Basically, what Sprout Robot does is take your zip code and provide you with a week-by-week guide for planting your seeds.  This is a cool site for anyone who enjoys gardening and wants to save money by growing their plants directly from seeds.

Check it out and let me know what you think!


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