I Cured My Migraines With Magnesium

No more migraines?  Is this too good to be true?

This is a blog post I never imagined I would ever be writing.  For over 20 years I have suffered from frequent, often-debilitating migraines.  Over the years, they have gotten worse and  more frequent.  Regular readers will remember me writing last month (Saving Money on Migraine Medicine) that I finally hit my breaking point after one particularly painful migraine, and decided to seek out alternative cures.  I could not continue to live with the pain, and the expensive migraine medicine was no longer working as well as it had.  I needed to do something ASAP. 

After quite a bit of research, I decided to try taking magnesium.  There is a pretty convincing connection between being magnesium deficient and suffering from migraines.  I won't go into all the background information here, but you can read about it in my previous post on the subject  (Saving Money on Migraine Medicine).

I started out taking 750 mg of magnesium a day, divided into 3 doses.  That proved to be too much and I was getting some side effects... namely diarrhea.   So I cut back to 500 mg (divided into two 250 mg doses) of magnesium a day. I may continue to tinker around with my dose to find what works best for me.

Magnesium To The Rescue - I Am Pain Free!

The result is that in the last month I have not had a single migraine.  Not one!  Nada!  Zilch!  I have had two minor headaches, but those were easily controlled with a single Extra Strength Excedrin.  I can live with that.  As anyone who suffers from migraines knows, a regular headache and a migraine attack are two entirely different things.  I will accept a regular headache any day over a migraine. Headaches are annoying, but migraines are hell

I truly believe magnesium has cured my migrainesIn over 20 years I have not gone two weeks without a migraine, much less an entire month sans pain.  Words can not describe how it has felt to be pain free.  I have been absolutely giddy since coming to terms that I may have really found a cure for my migraines.  Oh, and as this is a money-saving blog at heart, I should mention that I saved quite a bit of money this month with not having to take expensive migraine medicine to control the pain!  But for me, the money is secondary.  Being pain free for the first time in 20 years is what is important. I have magnesium to thank for that.  Who would have ever thought curing migraines could be as simple as taking magnesium?  And why hasn't any doctor ever mentioned this to me before (look for an upcoming rant post on this subject soon)

Will I ever get a migraine again?  Maybe.  But based on these results so far I am confident that if I do get migraines in the future they will be infrequent and weaker in intensity.  Being pain free will change my life for the better!  This is only the beginning!

Readers, have you ever had a migraine?  Have you found any simple cures for them?  Please help me spread the word by sharing this blog post with your friends, family, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and blog readers.  I wasted 20 years in pain... but maybe someone else will read this and be helped.  

NOTE:  This blog is a personal testimonial on how magnesium has cured my headaches.  It is not to be relied on as medical knowledge.  Before making any changes to your diet, consult a doctor. 


Michelle P said...

hmm maybe I need to try this!

FG said...

I have heard about this, and that the modern American diet is deficient in magnesium. Definitely something worth trying out...

Thomas - Ways to Invest Money said...

I wish I would have known this about 10 years ago. My migraines made me feel like a vampire. I could stand light or any noises. Consistent trips to the doctor only to get meds to suppress the issues. I gave up on medicine a while ago and havent had a migraine in several years now.

Daisy said...

Wow that is AWESOME. Im lucky because I've never had migraines. Severe headaches, yes, but nothing that would make me throw up or anything!

magnesium_matters@comcast.net said...

Magnesium works very well for migraine both by mouth (200-400 mg per day) and intravenously. People who have migraine are have lower magnesium levels than normal people. Researchers who study migraine in the laboratory use magnesium deficient fluids to induce migraine-like activity. The addition of the amino acid, taurine (at least 2 grams daily), and coQ10 (200mg) can also be helpful.

My name is Jim. I’ve been in the medical magnesium business for thirty years. I have international credentials in the field. I think that I can answer your question. In fact, I help a lot of people answer their medical question. If the question is about magnesium, there is no charge but if I have to spend time researching a medical issue, there is a charge. The first hour is free. After that, I can pretty much tell you if it is worth pursuing. Each hour after that is billed at $60.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. I can be contacted at magnesium_matters@comcast.net

Financial Samurai said...

Thanks for highlighting this Denise! I get the occasional headache, but that's b/c I would drink too much the night before. However, I have had splitting ones before doing nothing, and I will remember this.

Anonymous said...

I had migraines for 16 years, about once every 2 weeks to once per month.

I started taking 250mg of magnesium 3 nights a week before bed, and the migraines became less severe.

Then I began taking 500 mg. of magnesium/calcium pills 3 nights a week and - I have had just 1 migraine in 2 years!

I swear - I did nothing else. The magnesium/calcium supplement has cured my migraines.

Trikstarik said...

I had migraines my whole life which got worse through my teens as diet, stress, lack of sleep and hormones must have effected it. I then did research and saw a link between chocolate, caffiene and my migraines so i stopped eating these foods, this reduced my migraines to about 1 every 2 months or so. This was horrible as the migraines left me out of action sometimes up to three days. I then took my brothers advice and tried going to a pharmacy to talk to a pharmacist who is into the whole alternative/healthy living buzz. He advised a zince-magnesium combo which i began to take. I have now taken them for about 10 months with absolutely no migraines whilst taking them. I ran out for a month and what do yah know, a migraine attacked. I am absolutely certain that the magnesium i take now is the cure.

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