So, I cleaned out my junk drawer this weekend and you'll never guess what I found....

Junk Drawer Treasures!

This past weekend I descended into chaos.  And I can pretty much guarantee that this special brand of chaos is one that impacts all of us in one way or another.  Folks, I am talking about the dreaded JUNK DRAWER! I cleaned it out this weekend and you will never guess what I found....

First, a little background on junk drawers.

What is a junk drawer?
Don't kid yourself.  Everyone has a junk drawer.  If it isn't an actual drawer, it may be in the form of a cabinet, bin, or entire room!  And while its shape and size may change from person to person, its purpose remains consistent - it holds all the miscellaneous things that we "need" to have available to us. 

Where should a junk drawer be located?
The purpose of a junk drawer is to hide junk (err, I mean treasures).  It is a quick and easy place to stash things you don't want put on display for public view.  It should be unassuming.  My junk drawer is in my kitchen... but if it is successful in its role the average visitor should not know of its existence.  Below are some pictures of my kitchen.  Tell me, can you find the junk drawer?  My guess is no. 

Did you find it yet?  Nope?  Good!  That means it is successfully doing its job and concealing junk!  Just as an FYI, my junk drawer is neatly tucked away between the refrigerator and the pantry:

What should be in a junk drawer?
Easy question!  Junk drawers should contain useful miscellany that you just can't live without... plus some hidden treasure added in for good measure.  My junk drawer holds pens, pencils, scissors, a small collection of tools (hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure) for quick projects, tape, gift cards, bag clips, a flashlight, random items that have surfaced that I don't know where they really belong, and some pet treats. 

Cleaning Out The Junk Drawer

From time to time even the best junk drawer can become unruly.  Such was the case with mine, and so I needed to tame it.  I took everything out of it in order to sort through and get it re-organized, and you will never believe some of the treasures I found.

• $100 cash - this had been stashed away for an emergency.  In theory, it was a good idea but as I forgot it was even there it wouldn't have done me much good if I really needed it.  I will have to find a different place to stash it where I can remember that I have it.
• $45 in Macy's gift cards - I completely forgot I had these and I plan to use them to take advantage of some after-Christmas sales.
• $10 winery gift card - This was a gift.  I had been wanting to use it, but could never find a time to go.  Then I forgot about the card.  I am going to make an attempt to use it before Christmas now as a special treat to myself.
• $10 iTunes gift card.  I had bought a bunch of these as gifts.  One is left, which I forgot about.  it will now be used as a Christmas gift for someone.
• Migraine pill - These cost me about $5 each after my insurance benefits are calculated.  Sadly, I need to use these on a too-regular basis, so this was a true treasure to find!
• Cool little flashlight - The little one I carry in my purse recently broke.  I was going to buy a new one, so having found one in my junk drawer was a real treat!  This will save my roughly $5.

As you can see, I scored $175 in treasure just by cleaning out a little junk drawer.  It only took me a half hour to clean out the drawer, so that means I earned a salary of $350 an hour.  You just can't beat that.

Readers, go now and clean out your own junk drawer!  What treasures did you find?  What is the best 'junk drawer treasure' you have ever found?


Niki said...

Holy cash hiding junk drawer Batman!

Vry nice finds. I cleaned mine out last week, but there was only junk in it.

Marissa said...

Im actually scared of my junk drawer. I havent been in there in years.

Mid Life Miser said...

I found several restaurant gift cards that I will now be using. I also found three (3) iTunes gift cards that I'll be using as Christmas gifts. Thank you for this kick in the butt to take a look and clean it out!

Lisa said...

That is wonderful!! When I clean out my junk drawers, I usually find pens that no longer work and old birthday cake candles.

Aaron Hung said...

NICE!! I want a junk drawer now! nice place, is that your apt. or house?

Andrea @ said...

Wow, those are some nice finds! I think I'm too tight with my cash to simply forget about money sitting there... but I do have junkdrawers :D my desk has a dedicated, permanent junkdrawer. :P nice kitchen too!

Shaun @ Money Cactus said...

What a productive little activity. I too have a junk drawer in the kitchen, I really do need to tackle it sometime soon as it is about to overflow. Let's hope my experience is as good as yours!

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