Vending Machine Humor

Soft Drink Price Hike

Just days after I wrote about how vending machines can cost you thousands, I discovered the vending machine at work was missing!  Two days later its replacement arrived.

It went from bad to worse.

Instead of the expensive 75 cent cans of pop, the machine now has really expensive $1.50 bottles of pop!  Considering I can't even drink an entire can, there is no way a bottle can be cost effective for me!  I wish this were some kind of joke, but unfortunately it is true.

This just means I have to be extra careful to be sure I always have a small supply from home in the refrigerator here so that I never, ever have to use this stupid rip-off machine! 

It seems the people have revolted!

Despite being generally unfrugal, it appear that at least one of my co-workers is as unhappy about this price hike as I am.  We have "trash" stickers that we are supposed to put on any large items that we want trashed.  Today I discovered that someone had placed a trash sticker on the vending machine!

Pure genius!  I only wish I had thought of doing it, myself.  It is always nice to start the workweek with a laugh!


Lisa said...

Wow! A new machine and doubled the cost of a soda! Craziness!

Little House said...

That's a 100% increase in price! You can buy a whole 2-liter bottle for that price.

Maggie@SquarePennies said...

I like the "Trash" sticker, but the quickest way to get rid of the new machine is for everyone to boycott it! Go consumer power! (I'd be bringing my own cans of soda/pop from home too.)

~Carla~ said...

Insanity! I haven't drank pop in about 20 years, so vending machine prices don't bother me, but boy, I'd be thankful for a well placed water cooler with those prices! lol!

Buck Inspire said...

Thanks for the laugh! I wonder if vending machines are a good source of passive income... said...

Well, this maybe the perfect time to give up soda pops for good! :) Try tea and other more healthy beverages for a month and see if it works.

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