Swagbucks Tips and Tricks #1

Swagbucks Earns You Money!

Regular readers know I am a big fan of Swagbucks, the search engine that pays you to search the web

To be honest, there are very few online money-making schemes I support.  Most end up being more trouble than they are worth and provide very little payout for the time you have to put into them.  But Swagbucks is different.  Swagbucks provides a fair reward for minimal effort.  You won't get rich with Swagbucks, but you can earn some "fun money."  Who couldn't use a little extra spending money each month?

Here's how it works:
1.) Log into Swagbucks. (if you aren't already a member of Swagbucks and wish to join, you can click on any of my affiliate links in this post or you can go directly to the Swagbucks website).
2.) Do a regular internet search, just as you would through Google or Yahoo.
3.) Be randomly awarded Swagbucks!
4.) Your Swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards and other merchandise. 

I earn $10-$15 worth of gift cards each month just by doing my regular internet searching through Swagbucks

Even More Ways To Earn!

Searching the web is the main way to get Swagbucks, but you can also earn points in other ways.  All this week I will be giving you tips and tricks for getting the most from your Swagbucks account.

Today's Tip

Today's tip is an easy one... download the Swagbucks tool bar to your web browser and use it to log into Swagbucks every day.  You are instantly awarded 1 point daily just for logging in!

See tips 2, 3, and 4 by clicking on the links.


Niki said...

I love swagbucks!

Tony @ Investorz' Blog said...

I would love to sign up under you (which in other words, is helping a fellow Yakezie member). Unfortunately, I've already signed up. Could you sign up under my Irazoo link, and I'll reciprocate by linking to this post from my blog? http://www.irazoo.com/ReferedNewUser.aspx?RefBy=china9

One Cent At A TIme said...

I keep on hearing the swagbucks stuff, want to experiment soon

Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog said...

Thanks for talking more about this - I've always been confused with how this works, I may give it a try in the future.

Hunter @ Financially Consumed said...

Thanks for the information. I have been reading a bit about this lately. Looks intrigueing.

Julie @ The Family CEO said...

Another Swagbucks fan here. Free Amazon gift cards are nice!

Freddie @ Invest With Passion said...

I use to use Swagbucks, but need to get back to it. I use the search engines all the time, so I need to get back into it.

Thanks for the push!

Miss Wallstreet said...

I never knew what this was. Do you do this on a regular basis? And how to the search results compare to what comes from Google or Bing?

shuaib said...


Nesa said...

From my experience, swag bucks search results are somewhat less accurate than google or bing, but usually you'll still find the most relevant result on the first page. And if you would still prefer to use google or bing, type in "google" in the swag search bar and go from there, so you still get the benefit of an extra swag search. :D I also let swagbucks TV videos run while I'm watching actual TV so I can earn a dime or something while my favorite show is on. :D

I also like Superpoints as a get-paid-to site. The offers seem to credit more often (they also have videos) and sometimes you get free points in your email. I've gotten 25 points before (yay, earning a free quarter just for checking my email!) and once I got 50 points from the Super Lucky button in one click. If you sign up, complete the basic profile, and add a picture, you get 30 clicks for the Super Lucky button.

I love swagbucks and online rewards programs like this. It's just a great way to save up money for some extra holiday shopping or when you want to splurge a little on yourself. :)

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