How to Get a Loan with No Credit

How to Get a Loan with No Credit

Getting credit approval without any previous history can be a frustrating process. The banks are often unwilling to take a chance on someone who doesn’t have a current credit score. There are a surprising amount of ways to start building your credit score from the ground up even with a tarnished or empty credit account.

Use a Cosigner

A cosigner is someone who signs official documentation alongside the lender. Choosing a cosigner that has a reputable credit score will bring trust from the company that the debt will be repaid. This debt will transfer to the cosigner if the lender is unable to make the payment on time. Missing a payment will affect both parties, so make sure to discuss the payment process and the responsibility of each party member.

Become Authorized on Someone Else’s Card
If you have a friend or family member with a credit card that is willing to let you share their account, you can become an authorized member on their card. You can’t be rejected because there is no application process. Any activity that this credit card brings can help increase your score depending on how the card is treated. Being an authorized user does not make you legally obligated to pay the other person’s debt.

Apply to Credit Unions
Credit unions are nonprofit cooperatives who allow for the mutual share of credit at low interest rates. Union membership is different from bank membership and is operated by its current members. It’s common for those in search of loans to find communities that allow for similar links, such as working within the same industry or location. Many credit unions will offer the same types of services as a bank would such as, checking and savings accounts, lines of credit, mortgages, and loans.

Maintenance and Rejection
Getting rejected for a credit card leaves notes on your file and the next lender is less likely to accept you if previous companies have rejected you. It’s important to space out your applications and to have a co-signer if you think you’ll be unable to meet the requirements of the company on your own. When getting access to any form of credit, it’s important to not miss a payment in order to build up a positive credit history.

Short Term Lenders
Many short term lenders can offer smaller loans with no credit check.  Although they still need a good amount of personal information to verify who you are.  These loans are generally faster and can be funded in as little as the next business day.  One website with a good rating that can provide no credit check loans is

Top Things Not to Neglect with Your Health

Top Things Not to Neglect with Your Health

You are the most important asset in your life. Without a healthy you, there’s no chance that you are going to achieve your goals. It’s important that you go out of your way not to neglect your health. Most people learn the hard way, and by then it’s far too late to do anything about it. This guide is going to show you some of the top things not to neglect when it comes to health matters.

 Your Diet
You are what you eat. This is not a slogan just developed by government health campaigns. It’s true. If you eat badly, you are always going to feel bad. The insides of your blood vessels are going to be coated in fat. Go out of your way to develop a strong diet that allows you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Leafy greens, fruits, oily fish, and red meat are just some of the foods you should be taking in regularly, while cutting out the sugary drinks and the candy.

Regular Exercise
It may seem like you have to go to the gym in order to get enough exercise, but this isn’t the case at all. It isn’t necessary because regular exercise can be achieved through making some simple lifestyle changes, such as walking to work instead of taking a bus. You don’t have to work up a sweat in order to keep your body in the best possible condition.

Health Coverage

It’s unbelievable how many people are unaware of what their health policy actually covers. This often leads to nasty surprises when they have to seek medical care only to discover that their policy only covers a portion of it, or even worse none at all. Good health coverage is essential, but what is just as crucial is knowing exactly what you’re covered for and whether you have to plug the gaps with extra coverage.

Dental Insurance
Most standard health policies will not cover dental care. It’s one of the huge misconceptions people fall for. Good dental insurance will cover everything from basic checkups to complex procedures, such as bridges. Good dental insurance should be a priority for you and it’s easily obtained, but you have to know that you need to obtain it in the first place.

An Annual Health Checkup
This is one of the most neglected issues regarding your health. Annual health checkups are crucial if you are going to catch problems early. Discovering health issues before they become critical can cut down on the amount of money spent on treatment, and it could just change your life. An annual health checkup is something that you may already be entitled to through an employer’s health insurance coverage. And if it isn’t this is an investment that’s well worth it.

These five health issues are the major influencers on your health, both physically and financially. Address each of them in turn today to ensure that you remain in peak condition.

Are you covered against the worst?

Five of the Safest Ways To Get Quick Money

Five of the Safest Ways To Get Quick Money

In the year 2016, the internet has become the safest way to earn quick cash on the side. However, we recommend steering clear of a simple google search to find the ways, because even with all of the proven to be safe methods found online, there are a good amount of scams that can make life more difficult. The challenge you face is figuring out those that are real from those that are fraudulent. Keep reading to learn about five real methods of making money online that people are having success with this year: 

Online Surveys - Most of us have grown to only think of surveys as an annoying task, however, they have become perhaps the most trusted way to get paid from home. What makes this method so trustworthy is that private companies are in genuine need of research in order to develop their products. There isn’t really such thing as a fraudulent survey anyways because they won’t ask for anything but some of your time. Obviously, never take a survey that requires personal information or money from you.

Blogging – Writing has become one of the fastest growing ways people are earning extra cash online. It is easy, it is fast, and it can be quite fun too, especially if you already like to write. In just an hour, you can create your own hosting domain name to ready your own unique WordPress blog. Blogging provides room for creativity because there is an endless demand for content on all sorts of topics. The money comes from displaying ads or mentioning products discretely in your piece.

Website Cloning – Many people are busy trying to invent the next Facebook or Tumblr, chasing their dream of making good money. They may be pleased to know many are making cash with little investment of time and money by just replicating an already existing business model. The key is to replicate it and spin it in a new direction. For example, a group of people recently created a spin-off of Ebay in India that has become a huge success.

Short Term Loans – There are plenty of lenders out there that offer short term loans to people in need. These can be installment loans, paycheck loans or even credit card companies that offer short term advances. There are some advantages to each of these loans but the better ones are installment loans and credit card loans do to their lower fees. A few good resources can be found here and here.

Your Car – With websites like Airbnb and Uber, the power to provide services to a reliable customer base is being put into the hands of the average layperson. With new websites like “ZimRide”, people are able to rent their car out while they spend the day at their desk job. If you have a car that is in decent shape, choose a price that fits your money making goals and make as much as 30 -50 dollars in just a few hours. Not to mention, the website gives you a free built-in insurance plan.

Crowd Investing – People have made returns of 500% on 500 dollar contributions to online crowd fund investment projects. However, most people say they simply don’t have the extra funds to afford this type of promising investment. To get in on the action, try an old-fashioned short-term loan. Installment loans are now even easy to get online in a safe and reliable way. Try websites like “money key” where you can accomplish the whole process from home.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Gold

Why You Should Consider Investing in Gold

Gold was one of the earliest currencies used, and it is the standard by which a lot of things are valued. After all, it is said that not all that glitters is gold. This precious metal is more than simply a shiny stone, however. It can also be a powerful investment tool.
Many people shy away from investing as they consider it too much of a risk. There is no guarantee in return for what you are financing. When you buy gold, your investment, typically, is a lot less risky. Here are some reasons that you should deliberate in investing in this yellow metal:


Gold, throughout history, has managed to maintain its value. Currencies, unfortunately have not fared so well. Particularly after the recession, there is a lot less faith placed in currencies, especially the U.S. dollar. When people sense a depreciation in value of currency, particularly the dollar, they tend to turn to a different commodity.
Typically, the commodity that they begin to invest in is the yellow metal. This tends to drive the price of the precious metal up immeasurably. If you have invested in some of this gold, you may be able to make a profit during such times of hurried buying. It has been a trend throughout history – the precious metal has fared well while currencies have depreciated.


The yellow metal is faring quite well in 2016, this is particularly because of an increase in demand from certain countries. India, for instance, has been particularly active with its demand for the precious metal. When there is a rise in demand, the prices of the precious metal automatically increase. It is estimated to cost more than $1200 per ounce within the period of this year.
India is not alone in its demand. China, too, is requesting a greater amount of gold. Combined, gold is estimated to do much better in 2016 than in the previous few years. It is important to take advantage of moments such as these and invest a small portion of your savings in gold. You can choose to sell some of it once the demand for the precious metal has reached an especially high price.


For all the demand, there should be supply. There is however a lack of gold in the world. There are now fewer mines than there were before. Many of the mines that are still functioning, have mined the gold that was closest to the surface. These mines are going to have to spend more time and greater funds on getting the gold out of the ground. This temporary lack of gold is only going to cause an increase in the price of the precious metal. The rarer a commodity is, the more people are willing to spend on it. This is especially true when people are buying gold to counter the depreciation of currency.

There are many reasons to invest a small amount of your savings in gold. Even if you are not particularly skilled at investing, you will still be creating a resource for yourself for the future.

How to Dispute Credit Card Charges

This was sent to me and I thought it had some useful info.  I think we've all had a similar experience at least once in our lives!  -Denise

One day you may find that there is charge on your credit card that you didn’t make. Sometimes solving an issue like this can be easy, but other times it takes persistence, a little savviness and more time than you may like. Solving the problem is easy as understanding the law and how it affects you, this is what will allow you to be unafraid when disputing the issue.

The first question should always be whether this was a billing error or a case of theft and or fraud. In the moment it may not seem to matter to you how the charges ended up on your card, but it will be what decides how the situation is handled.

Not everyone can afford an attorney to help them with these disputes, but here are some steps that anyone can take to resolve their credit card disputes today.

Theft and Fraud

If it seems evident that the use was unauthorized, it is important to call the credit card company that you subscribe to as soon as possible.

There is an upside to this misfortune because most credit card companies are kind to victims of theft, sometimes only allowing people to be liable for the first 50$ of the charges in this case. Some even limit your liability for the charges to nothing if you report the incident soon enough.

When you do call the company, be sure to mention straight away that this is theft and that you wish to cancel your card, this will prevent further charges from incurring. Another benefit to this is that the company could even provide an extra service of surveillance on your account for a short period of time afterwards.

Service error

Another possibility is that the merchant may have made an error, this is not uncommon.  In this case, the actions you take are up to you, either call your merchant directly or call the credit card company, sometimes both actions are needed.

There are some key legal issues to understand: you have 60 days from when you do discover the issue to contact your credit card company to notify them. Usually the issues range from multiple billings to adding an extra zero, all things that should be taken care of with ease as long as you act quickly. Don’t stress, if you provided the merchant with business then they will want to satisfy you.

What you should know

After contacting the card company, they will investigate and should get back to you within no more than a few payment cycles, or at most 2 months. Remember that disputed charges do not need to be paid while the dispute process is made, however, you must still pay the part of the purchase that is not disputed.

Keep in mind that disputes may influence your credit limit, for example, if 1,000 dollars are disputed, 1,000 dollars will be deducted from your credit ceiling of 10,000 dollars.

If successful, which tends to be the case for most, the charge should be absolved along with the interest as well. 

Common Sense Should Avoid Financial Pitfalls

The recession had many casualties. Some families that had never had financial problems before found that circumstances forced then into defaults because they simply could not meet their bills. Widespread unemployment was bound to have an impact and although the recession has faded the consequences are still being felt. Anyone that genuinely wants to work should be able to find suitable employment but the challenge is then to repair household finances and thereby improve future prospects for everyone in the family. It might be easy to talk but it is important that you think clearly about the way ahead and satisfy yourself about the steps you decide to take. There is nothing wrong with getting the views of someone with good knowledge on finance about how to proceed.
There are many products out there that you might think can help you. There are also companies that claim there are short cuts to improving your credit score. You should act with caution whichever product or service you consider. The financial sector is one that includes a number of ‘players’ who are looking to take advantage of people in trouble, and that will leave them in even more trouble.
The Issues of Bad Credit
Companies are offering loans for people with bad credit. Their logic is if an applicant has a regular income and the amount of money he or she is seeking is realistic then they are inclined to approve the application. The question is at what cost? Some unscrupulous companies believing an applicant might be desperate may well look to charge far more interest than is fair. If you have bad credit that does not mean you need to be a victim. If you do your research online you will get an idea of the best rates available for your circumstances.
It is important to remember that good lenders will be responsive to applicants who do not need to sign up to anything if they are unhappy about the rate being offered or the terms and conditions of the loan; no hidden extras and no cash in advance. Companies that are not willing to be transparent should be dismissed immediately.
Good companies do not need to headline their websites with claims that they don’t care about bad credit without explaining the basis on which they make decisions. If they use the word guarantee then they should also explain themselves in that they will be judging the realism of an application and its affordability to the applicant.
If you have security then you will get a competitive rate simply because the risks for the lender is minimized. In most circumstances those in current trouble will not have security to offer. That being the case it is for you to find the best rates. There are comparative websites that do the work for consumers but you need to be certain that they have no self-interest. They may exclude companies with better offers if those offers pay no commission for inclusion in the comparisons and business written.
Support Reputable Lenders
So if you need just right loans as part of your strategy to improve your finances you should look for a company with a good reputation if you are going to proceed. There are valid reasons for getting a loan, especially if you can obtain one that allows you to pay off debt that is incurring a high rate of interest, typically credit and store card balances. Your monthly expenditure will reduce and as long as you successfully pay instalments on time your credit history will slowly improve.
The US Economy has improved. Unemployment figures have fallen back to pre-recession levels and more jobs are being created every month. It does mean there is reason for everyone to be more optimistic about the future. There are therefore valid reasons why a family that has had a miserable time of late should feel that they can look forward to a better future. If that involves applying for a loan as part of the strategy it often makes perfect sense. As long as decisions are made for sensible reasons then things should work out well.

What Types of Tests are Required for Funeral Insurance?

What Types of Tests are Required for Funeral Insurance?

When insurance agencies write policies for various types of insurance, they need to do some background checking to determine how much risk there is to the company if they insure someone. For instance, the underwriter of an auto insurance policy would want to know all about the driver’s history, including any accidents, traffic tickets, or even arrests they have been subject to.

Similarly, when writing a life insurance policy, insurance companies will often require a physical examination and blood work so they know just how healthy the applicant is. The more health problems they have, the more risk is involved, and the premium will be raised accordingly.

There is one type of insurance that never requires any type of medical testing: funeral insurance. Insurance companies don’t need to evaluate the health of an applicant for funeral insurance because no matter how healthy they are right now, they’re eventually going to use the funeral insurance someday. Because of the inevitable nature of death, there’s not really a question of risk regarding the applicant for funeral insurance.

It’s simply not a matter of if a claim will be filed, but rather when a claim will be filed. So if you’re applying for a funeral insurance policy, you won’t need to worry about being stuck by a needle and having blood work done. If you apply for funeral insurance, you’ll be automatically approved.

But what does HBF funeral insurance cover, anyway? It’s important to remember that funeral insurance policies are not the same as prepaid funeral plans, which can be done by contacting a funeral director directly and paying for your funeral expenses beforehand.

Instead, funeral insurance—sometimes referred to as final expense insurance—involves paying a premium over time to have a certain amount of your funeral expenses paid for at the time of your death. If you want a burial policy, it is exceedingly simple to get one. There are no required tests and virtually applicant will be approved. But before you think about funeral insurance, make sure you really need it.

Many life insurance plans have final expense coverage already built into them. If you currently have life insurance coverage (and you definitely should have it), take a look at your policy and see what kind of final expense coverage you’re already paying for. It might be that your funeral expenses are already taken care of in your life insurance policy. And if they’re not, or if the coverage isn’t enough, you can talk to your insurance agent and see if it’s possible to add more coverage for final expenses.

If you still prefer to get a standalone funeral insurance policy, be sure to shop around. Because they accept all applicants, funeral insurance policies can be kind of pricey, costing up to as much as $30 for every $1000 worth of coverage. Funeral insurance policies tend to be secured by people in poor health, so the insurance companies charge a higher premium for them.

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